Our History

An unforgettable location for quality and hospitality

The Agriturismo Al Lambic’s story is that of Alessandro’s and his mother’ family’s story, Family Bettanini, the owner of the buildings and the fields’ all around it for five generations.

Family Bettanini stopped the farm activity in the middle of ’50 because of the crisis of agricultural economy and some sad events involving the family. Aunt Adriana was the only still living in the old Family House in Prabione, keeping the family’s memories and maintaining the buildings.

Alessandro was born in Tignale, he studied engineering and he worked for a very long time as a manager in some important international Companies. In 2006 he decided to give up his previous job and come back to Tignale to restore the Family’s properties. Together with his wife Barbara, he began to transform the farm’s buildings into location suitable to host guests and he re-started the old farm’s activity using modern methods and criteria: nowadays the farm got the organic certification.

After more then ten years we’re proud of the obtained results: the landlord’s house, the “Cà de Sura” and the “Cà de Deter” are now restored and we can host about 60 people; the Restaurant is well known and appreciated; we still distil our traditional Grappa “Rugiada delle Alpi”. All that together with the good reviews by our guests invites us to improve our Agriturismo: new products (wine, oil, grapes beauty products) and new services in order to make our Agriturismo an unforgettable location for its quality and hospitality.